Ecosystem for digital charging including CPO Platform and eMSP App

DECEMBER 2021 - JUNE 2022





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About the project

Ecosystem for digital charging, including Charge Point Operator Platform and eMobility Service Provider application. The ecosystem connects the processes of charging stations commissioning and management as well as starting charging sessions by the EV driver with RFID or application and payments. Through the use of open standards, the system is ready for the roaming connections.

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The project we took onboard for Zimi was yet another venture where we had a chance to put to use our digital products - EMSP app and CPO platform.

Our dedicated eMobility team has created custom versions of those so that they match Zimi’s outlook and then rolled them out to the market. The EMSP app is now available on Appstore and Google Play, whereas the CPO administrative console is deployed to client’s cloud infrastructure.

The app itself allows users to locate the nearest charging stations. EV drivers can search and filter the stations based on multiple attributes i.e. power rating, distance, price, or type. The app also enables adding the payment details such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit or debit cards.

Knowing the great significance behind open standards, we made sure that both products are linked with each other (as well as with other companies in the market) via OCPI 2.2.

Roaming connections have been established with Solidstudio’s technical supervision.

Scope & highlights

Customization of our digital products

OCPI 2.2 integration

Roaming connections

iOS and Android availability

Our approach

In our approach we focused on bringing the unique branding of ZimiCharge to the mobile application. From the get-go, our products were being developed in the most customization-friendly manner, and so we’re really glad that in this case we also managed to deliver a very well-branded app.

By means of a close cooperation with ZimiCharge's team, EV drivers can now benefit from consistent user experience.

While using open standards in the market is still a developing case, we also had to perform OCPI testing for the third parties connectivity and supervise the process.

Finally, despite the fact that the development phase has ended, we maintain continuous relationship with Zimi through support and maintenance.


Ecosystem for digital charging, including Charge Point Operator Platform and eMobility Service Provider application.


1customized mobile app for EV drivers


1OCPI connection


1comprehensive digital charging ecosystem


Solidstudio successfully delivered the fully-functioning products. They delivered promptly and were flexible, aiming to meet the requirements. They also communicate effectively via Slack and video calls.

Zimi Charge

Micheal Mass, CEO & Founder

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