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T-Cup wellbeing story - from scratch to MVP & launch in 3 months

APRIL 2019 - Present




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About the project

Personalized web-based B2B & B2C application to understand and improve wellbeing. A fine blend of Node.js & React, with doctors, physiotherapists, professors, and coaches expertise.



T-Cup as an idea was supposed to provide personalized, diverse areas of expertise, to support three building blocks of an individual balance of health, happiness, and success. Powered by top technology, an innovative solution was thought to help maintain a healthy lifestyle in everyday life, and as a consequence improve performance at work and in private life. As a complex tool, for both B2B and B2C, T-Cup must require proper information gathering, easy navigation, a reporting system, and a dedicated user approach.

On an organizational level, T-Cup was supposed to provide accurate, hard-to-gather employees wellbeing information in order to understand and forecast sick days, as well as make better strategic decisions.

On an individual level, T-Cup was intended to build self-reflective practices to stay in balance and apply a healthier lifestyle. For both, business and individual users, T-Cup was planned to gather information from simple questionaries, generate results, and offer personalized wellbeing tips, while ensuring full data privacy.

T-Cup founders were looking for an experienced development team that would help bring this product idea to life. They needed a reliable tech partner, that would take over the development process and provide a seamlessly stable app, satisfying both B2B and B2C users.

discovery workshops

project’s development planning

MVP delivery


maintenance and support

Scope & highlights

Node.js & React

Node.js & React

Web & mobile app development

Web & mobile app development

Product design

Product design

Team members

5 team members

Months to launch

3 months to launch

Product workshop

Product workshop

Our approach

As a tech partner, to completely understand the product’s requirements and possible user paths we conducted a discovery workshop. Then, according to our conducted research, our team proceeded with backlog development and feature priority. After that, the implementation phase began.

To increase user engagement in the B2C solution gamification element was applied, enriched with an interactive interface to display user statistics through various mediums, combining in-depth graphs and forms over with fun animations. Understanding the essence of B2B clients, the desktop version gathering anonymized survey data was developed, and an overview dashboard that allows administrators to tweak questions, rules, and other survey settings.

Becoming a full-stack tech partner, we also took responsibility for the application’s hosting, maintenance, and support. The application takes advantage of a serverless framework that enables rapid development and is hosted on AWS Cloud.


Smooth, tailored web-based application for B2B and B2C wellbeing sector launched in 3 months.


+3000active users


+15large organizations benefiting from T-Cup features


1successful tech partnership


They have a lot of experience working with a multitude of different customers from various countries, which gives them a strong business sense. Once I started to share more about our vision with them, they helped enhance our system by a lot


Edwyn van Rooyen, CEO

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