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About the project

Complete tool facilitating communication for Trading Partners, Transporters, and State fuel tax agencies. Automated processes specifically focused on enrolling fuel loads and licensing in one complex solution. A journey from code audit to a lasting partnership, including development, launch, and maintenance supported by AWS, Java, and React.



Petroleum Tax Tools founders were looking for IT professionals to execute a code audit of the existing work. The review reported that the earliest results weren’t meeting their expectations. Following the results of the audit, the founders decided to delegate the entire project development to our team.

They needed a web application with a well-designed infrastructure being able to handle all the procedures and operations between vendors, as well as a landing page for a newly created, uniquely tailored to market requirements, complete product.

Code audit

Backlog creation

UX design


Support and further features development

Scope & highlights

AWS, Java, React

AWS, Java, React

Marketing operations support

Marketing operations support

UX/UI design

UX/UI design

Code audit

Code audit

Frontend & Backend

Frontend & Backend

Web application

Web application

Team members

5 team members

Our approach

Before we established a comprehensive partnership, in the October 2019 code audit was conducted. Having review results, an idea of how the project should look like was clearly outlined. An entire collaboration started in January 2020. Knowing what the project lacked, our team gathered all necessary additional information about the scope and all the crucial features that needed to be incorporated into the scheme. The backlog was created, and our designer started to work on UX design. The MVP of the product was delivered in 3 months. Working closely with Petroleum Tax Tools founders, further features were under development.

Our partnership continued, we were fully responsible for maintaining the product and developing additional features. Being satisfied with the cooperation, the founders of PTT entrusted us with the support of inbound marketing initiatives setup.


The main thing that stands out to me is that there were no shortcuts. The process was what I would expect from any large corporation. We’re a small business, so all of those could’ve been set up manually, but Solidstudio set us up for success.

Petroleum Tax Tools

Mike Armstrong, Co-Founder & CEO

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