Setup of the OICP 2.3 adapter for CPOs from scratch

OCTOBER 2022 - MAY 2023





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About the project

The main outcome was the creation of an OICP 2.3 adapter from scratch which integrated the client's internal system with the external Hubject HBS platform. It covered comprehensive communication and data mapping between the two systems using the OICP protocol. Additionally, the client decided to purchase a license for our OCPI 2.2 gateway with the ability to modify the code.



We began the work with two parallel streams. The first one involved a technical setup of the OICP 2.3 adapter for CPO from scratch, including the implementation of the entire OICP data model. This stream of work was covered by the senior developer. The second stream, led by the domain expert, focused on mapping and determining the similarities/differences between the OCPI 2.2 and OICP 2.3 protocols. This stream aimed to expedite the process of forming the data API contract between the client's internal system and the OICP and OCPI adapters.

Next, we conducted end-to-end integration tests between the adapter and the Hubject QA platform. The integration involved full data exchange in both directions using the OICP protocol. During this phase, we encountered several inconsistencies in the official documentation, which we promptly addressed with the support department at Hubject. Since we started this phase relatively early, we significantly reduced the cost associated with making corrections.

Furthermore, we proceeded with data mapping and integration of the adapter with the client's internal system through the HTTP API. This allowed for seamless end-to-end integration between the two parties.

At the same time, the client planned to start working on integration with external partners through the OCPI protocol. Therefore, we offered our product in the form of an OCPI 2.2 adapter. This allowed us to save a considerable amount of time on implementing the OCPI integration itself, and within a few weeks, we were able to conduct the OCPI handshake and exchange data regarding charging station locations.

Senior Software Developer

Domain Expert

Scope & highlights

OICP 2.3 adapter built from scratch

domain expertise and comprehensive support

end-to-end integration

Our approach

The biggest challenge was in the technical requirements of the OICP protocol and achieving end-to-end integration with Hubject's QA environment. As we have already mentioned before, the official documentation for OCPI 2.3 was at times inconsistent in several areas. However, our proactive approach, conducting tests at an early stage, and maintaining constant communication with Hubject's support team allowed us to overcome these hurdles swiftly. This enabled us to carry out a seamless implementation and promptly address any issues that arose along the way.


The creation of an OICP 2.3 adapter for Charge Point Operators.

2open standards included in the project

1adapter built from scratch

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