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Globally integrated backend API for better decision making

JULY 2019 - Present




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About the project

Collecting, structuring, and further processing of sales data from branches worldwide for further business analysis, segmentation, and end-customer direct marketing. A dedicated team of senior backend developers skillfully crafting with Node.js and Azure to provide the best insights.



Grand Vision, a global eyewear retailer, that operates under different retails banners (VisionExpress, For Eyes, Apollo-Optik, Générale d'Optique and others) was looking for an IT partner to develop a complex tool to gather all necessary sales and operational data within the corporation regardless of the country of origin. The assumptions of this ambitious undertaking required seniority level and technical expertise and take-over initiative.



Internal tests (Solidstudio)

External tests (Grand Vison)


Scope & highlights

Node.js & Azure

Node.js & Azure

4 team members

4 team members

Backend API for global data processing

Backend API for global data processing

Continuous modules upgrading

Continuous modules upgrading

Our approach

As a tech partner, at the initial stage of this project, we worked closely together with the client's employees. We have developed the main communication interfaces between the individual components of the project, which in the early stages made it possible to use the system directly by business units interested in operating this application.

At the beginning of the cooperation, we received specifications and worked on dedicated solutions. As the development process progressed, if we saw room for additional improvements, we suggested the best solutions. The specifications were tech-business, but the concept of abstraction and how the code was structured was developed 100% by our team.

We have integrated data of the whole of Latin America, Northern Europe and now we are expanding into Western Europe. We have created the supporting libraries, the project's core application, and applications for data standardization (integration).

Becoming a tech partner, we also took over an initiative when the API started to get in shape. The necessary architectural improvements were made. We provide a set of reusable modules, which can be easily added when needed to the top, and dynamic units (depending on the operation, the top section charges). Due to this approach the development of new features is very fast and efficient while minimizing the risk of failure.

Currently, apart from development, we also cooperate in the design of solutions, which will be implemented in the future.


Extensive, tailored backend API that improved sales and marketing decision making.


1integrated data storage and processing


12weeks to first product delivery


1successful cooperation development


The quality of their team’s extremely high. Their dependability and speed are significantly better than what I’ve been able to observe with other providers

Grand Vision

Director, Data & Analytics

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