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About the project

End-user platform development with open standards integration (OCPI 2.1.2 and OICP), as well as EV charging and electrical network maintenance functionalities. Followed by new business requirements and infrastructure improvements with Java and Spring Boot, all based on agile and lean product development methodologies.



Our partner was looking for highly-skilled developers that could nourish the existing team and support further large-scale development in the e-mobility market. Knowing the market’s specific needs, we took on board the challenge of integrating OCPI 2.1.1 and OICP and successfully went through Hubject’s Certification.

Another challenging step was to integrate peer-to-peer with partners and with Gireve hub, this has been managed via OCPI 2.1.1.

Finally, we took responsibility for the backend work on Charge Point Operator’s platform .

Discovery workshops

Scrum methodology

Code review

Pair programming


Introducing knowledge-sharing space

Scope & highlights

Java & Spring Boot

Java & Spring Boot

Integration system with the British electricity market

Integration system with the British electricity market

Backend API for web portal

Backend API for web portal

Open Standards implementation

Open Standards implementation

Team members

7 team members


2 workshops

Our approach

As a team partner, to gain a full picture of the processes taking a place in the e-mobility market we conducted two workshops. One took place at the partner’s headquarters, the other one was conducted at our office. Based on the given insightful findings, we started planning the workflow. The beginning of this partnership was launched with two developers involved in the project expansion.

In a search for the most efficient solution, we decided to implement Open Standards. To confirm our predictions on how beneficial Open Standards could be and how to deal with potential obstacles, we began with a simple use-case.

Having proved that the standard matched our partner needs successively the API was enriched and exposed to new functionalities. The final stage of this long process was full e-roaming functionality, which significantly boosted the integration process. The integration with a new partner at the moment takes a few days.

We were also responsible for establishing a charge point management platform, a system integrating with the British electricity market, development and maintenance of custom APIs, as well as an API for a functioning portal.

As this ambitious partnership was growing, we nourished the team, at key moments of progress, with 7 extra developers. Two of them were assigned to build a dedicated 2-month lasting project. Eventually, this 2-year partnership was crowned with a knowledge-sharing space for future development, valuable experience, and excellent performance.


The open, secure, and accessible charging network

faster integration

95%faster integration with new partners

Open Standards

2Open Standards implemented

place to monitor

1place to monitor, maintain and secure the system


The team has high-level communication skills. They were able to discuss all the details and provide all answers in a timely manner. They provided all the information we needed and maintained full transparency throughout. We used software tools to manage the project.

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