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About the project

From MVP streamlining to complete platform development. Architecture optimization and full-stack improvement to achieve an outstanding environment for the tech community. Vue.js and node.js to match the demanding needs.



Our partner was looking for IT experts, ready to conduct a smooth development process for web, Android, and iOS platform versions. ChannelBytes already had an initial version of MVP, but this required some features reconsideration.

The main purpose of this dedicated platform is to connect people from the widely known information technology community. This demanded interactions re-design - tailoring user experience with highly specific expectations from the community side.

Initially, the main goal was to develop the application enabling users in a convenient and efficient way to create content on the platform. While engaging in the project, additional aspects emerged which required optimization in terms of both usability and costs.



Continuous improvement

Scope & highlights

Web, Android & iOS development

Web, Android & iOS development

MVP improvement

MVP improvement

extra environments added

3 extra environments added

Our approach

ChannelBytes already had a ready-made MVP of a simple platform aimed at bringing together people from the IT industry. Unfortunately, the state of MVP was not perfect, so in the first phase, we had to focus on adding new functionalities to implement a complete product. To begin with, the main goal was to develop the application to enable users to conveniently and effectively create content on various platforms.

First, we created two additional environments for Development (DEV), and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Then gradually added new functionalities. We have minimized needless costs associated with the infrastructure, then created a user-friendly text editor, and added a comment section, polls, and tagging. The authentication mechanism has been upgraded to a more secure one.

When the app structure was completed, work began on developing the main page. The previous one displayed posts added using headless WordPress. Ultimately, posts from the application were supposed to be shown on the home page, the application was supposed to become the only one when it comes to creating posts omitting WordPress. Unfortunately, the Single Page type was not suitable for effective landing-page creation (SEO did not perform well). Due to that reason, we decided to implement another solution, so the search engines could rate the whole page accurately. Once everything was set up, the application was run on the main domain.

At the same time, we were engaged in rebuilding the mobile application architecture. Following the client's suggestions, we implemented completely new views, reworked navigation, and improved several necessary features.

Thanks to creating UAT environment, our partner was continuously updated, and the entire feedback was quickly provided. With this approach, deployment happened even several times a week. Our partner was in touch with the development team the whole time, high transparency led to quick delivery of functionalities.


Web, iOS, and Android tech community platform.

web app

1iOS, web and Android app


MVP repair

1MVP repair


The quality of their work’s huge. Their team was willing to be and succeeded as the project’s technical owners. We don’t have a CTO or a person on our team with a technical background. They stepped up and provided recommendations based on what was best for our business. Their team understood our business use cases and filled in our knowledge gaps.


Lindsay Sayre, Product Manager

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