The Ultimate Guide to EV Charging Software Migration - the ebook

29 JUNE 2023 • 8 MIN READ

Paweł Małkowiak



The Ultimate Guide to EV Charging Software Migration

In times so inundated with newly-introduced breakthroughs and changes of direction, one must put a great effort to stay afloat. This includes making often gnarly decisions on what’s the best for the company here and now. Entrepreneurs are left with the need to carefully evaluate which technologies are relevant to their specific needs, plan for their adoption, and ensure that their teams are trained to use them effectively. Those who do not take proactive steps to embrace the latest technological advancements risk being left behind by their competitors.

All this is highly applicable to anyone using any type of software. Those who run their business with the use of digital technology, will at some point face the intricate case of software migration.

It’s becoming an especially daring task once the aforementioned software manages an entire charging network reckoning thousands of charging points.

Software migration for EV charging businesses

Having years of experience of dealing with all kinds of EV charging software undertakings, we now put forward a comprehensive ebook delving deep into the matters of software migration within the EV charging businesses.

The ebook comes for free and combines our Software Migration article series, OCPP Acceptance Testing Checklist and a bonus chapter covering the issue from an EMSP perspective all put together in a convenient and comprehensive publication.

Here’s what you can find there:

  • product-based and business-strategic arguments in favour of software migration that are crucial during the decision making process
  • principal aspects to be taken into account when choosing a new software provider
  • the actual migration process - what are the key elements of successful migration
  • OCPP acceptance testing - checklist with use-cases, test procedures and expected outcomes
  • bonus chapter about EMSPs’ end-user app migration