Smart grids - what are they and how do they change the energy game?

15 DECEMBER 2022 • 15 MIN READ

Gabriela Stawiarska



smart grids


Energy-related issues have made the news in the last couple of years probably more than ever before. From the massive shift in energy usage triggered by the onset of Covid to the recent blackouts all over the world, the electricity sector has known no peace recently.

It’s to no surprise, given how inordinate the scale of the entire energy industry is. Being at the core of the whole undertaking, the grid operators have a lot on their plates in terms of keeping everything stable and secure. Energy grids are the virtual spiderwebs that facilitate large-scale electricity delivery from production sites to nearly every home and business across the world. Unequaled in complexity, these incredible networks require intricate planning for cross-border or multi-state operations, delivering power generated by sources like coal plants, natural gas facilities and nuclear plants into electrical energy the humankind uses daily.

In response to the increased demand in electricity worldwide, numerous actions have been taken to ensure its smooth operation. This is how the concept of smart grids came to life.

While grid as such may be understood by many, the prefix “smart” may cause some confusion. In a nutshell, a smart grid is an electricity network based on digital technology, allowing for an interactive flow of energy and data. Generally, what makes the grid smart are the extensive digital features running in the background and optimizing the whole system. A smart grid has the ability to collect, monitor, analyze and manage data from a range of sources to optimize power distribution networks.

About our PDF

In our downloadable PDF, we shed light on all the important aspects of smart grids:

Energy system

  • How it started and where are we now?
  • What’s the role of the grid?

Smart grids

  • What are they? How they work?
  • What are the characteristics of a smart grid?
  • Why do they matter?

Smart grid technologies

  • smart metering
  • distribution boards
  • demand response
  • smart appliances
  • some of the programmes around the world