The Economics of Software in eMobility: Financial Strategies & Optimal ROI

Webinar 09.05

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Licensing EV Charging Software - a Guide to Business Models for eMobility Solutions


Paweł Małkowiak



 EV Charging Software

In the rapidly evolving world of eMobility, software solutions have become integral to the seamless functioning of Charge Point Operator platforms and eMobility Service Providers apps. Open Standards and their integration, eRoaming, smart charging, and connected cars are just a few aspects driving the industry forward. While end-users may not realize the extent of the software at play, operators are often faced with the challenge of selecting the right digital products. Despite the availability of various ready-made solutions, many share similar functionalities, making the decision-making process complex. The focus should extend beyond just the software itself, considering a comprehensive range of requirements.

Industry Paradigm

Existing solutions predominantly follow a strict SaaS purchase model, posing a potential challenge for operators seeking the perfect fit. The eMobility market is saturated with off-the-shelf EV charging solutions delivered exclusively through Software as a Service (SaaS). Despite the widespread technological advancements in the industry, operators may overlook that SaaS might not be the most suitable choice for their specific needs. Those who recognize this challenge often find themselves with limited alternative options.

Certainly, there are notable advantages to utilizing SaaS for certain Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers. These benefits encompass the provider handling maintenance and upgrades, relieving users from the burden of keeping their systems current. Additionally, there are relatively low upfront costs for small and new operators.

License - a different perspective

An alternative to SaaS would be the licensing model where client pays a one-time fee and becomes the owner of the solution. Being irrespective of the amount of charging stations under management, license may be the next best thing for operators who look to scale up or those who already have massive networks.

More about both SaaS and license can be found in our newest ebook. In it, we share some more on:

  • What is the current industry paradigm?
  • How does SaaS impact the potential growth?
  • What is license and how it works with EV charging software?
  • Which business model works best for different types of operators?