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28 MARCH 2020 • 9 MIN READ

Paweł Małkowiak



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At Solidstudio , we have a lot of experience in working with Java that helps our clients create and expand their software products. Java is one of the most common and battle-tested technologies available on the market. That’s why so many companies choose it as part of their technology stack.

Custom Java development

Java is one of our best areas of expertise. Our software developers have helped companies across a wide range of industries to create solutions that solve problems and achieve tangible business results.

From enterprise-level software to reliable web applications, our experienced teams are ready to jump on any Java development project and lead it to success. Our Java programmers have years of coding experience and have worked in projects for various industries. They have built web applications , FinTech solutions , and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help our clients scale their operations.

Java frameworks

Java is a robust language on its own, but it becomes even more powerful when combined with a framework. That way, Java serves as an optimal solution for applications in areas such as e-commerce, finance, cloud computing, stock market, and many others.

Why are frameworks important?

Why do experienced Java developers use frameworks? Frameworks offer a solid structure to applications. A framework helps to automate work, avoid building common functionalities from scratch, and get accurate and consistent results. Frameworks help developers to be more productive and focus on what matters most: the business logic and value of the software they’re building.

Although there are many frameworks built on Java, some are more common and appreciated than others. Each framework comes with its own benefits and works best for different use cases.

4 most important Java frameworks you need to know


By offering Dependency Injection and aspect-oriented programming, the open-source framework Spring gained incredible popularity among developers. Thanks to its robustness and features, it’s often used for building enterprise applications. Developers can use Spring to create loosely coupled modules where the dependencies are handled by the framework (instead of depending on the libraries in the code). The framework is comprehensive and includes many features that range from configuration security. Moreover, it has a gentle learning curve. No wonder that it’s the most popular web framework today, surrounded by extensive documentation and passionate community.


Another robust open-source framework for web applications written in Java. Apache Struts follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) model, extending the JSP API. The main perk of this framework is the easy set, as well as the flexibility and extensibility it offers over the traditional MVC approach that uses only servlets and JSP. Some say that if you’re looking to become a Java web developer, Struts is the best place to start.


Hibernate may not be a full-stack framework, but it had a great impact on how developers looked at the issue of databases in their Java projects. By implementing Java Persistence API (JPA), Hibernate becomes an Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) database for any Java application. And similarly to SQL, in Hibernate queries are called HQL (Hibernate Query Language). So what does the framework do? It maps Java classes directly to corresponding database tables (and vice versa). The main file (hibernate.cfg.xml) contains all of the information relevant to mapping Java classes with database configuration. Why is this important? Hibernate helps to solve two major problems with JDBC- the fact that it doesn’t support object-level relationships and older queries may work wrong upon migration to another database. This entails a lot of time and money invested in dealing with these issues. With Hibernate, development teams don’t need to worry about that. The framework offers an abstraction layer to allow the code to become loosely coupled with the database and takes care of tasks like establishing a database connection and performing CRUD. Results? Your code will become independent of the database used in the project.

Apache Wicket

Wicket will be an easy framework to learn for those who have already worked with JSP. Apache Wicket is a simple web application framework with a component-oriented structure. All you need to know to get started is Java and HTML. There’s no need to be proficient in topics such as XMLs or complex configuration files!

The main feature of Wicket? Developers use the framework thanks to the POJO model where components become simple (Plain Old) Java Objects that come with OOP features. Such components are bundled together to form reusable packages (complete with images, buttons, forms, links, pages, containers, behaviors and others). That way, development teams can customize them easily.

The main benefit of Wicket is that it’s light-weight and allows you to build and test applications really fast.

Choosing the right framework for a Java development project can be tricky. But experienced Java developers know the ins and outs of all the most important features of the market and will be able to advise you about the best choice for your unique project.

Java migration

If your application doesn’t use the most recent version of Java, you don’t need to worry. Our experts can help you update your Java version easily so that your app takes advantage of all its features.

Migrating is never an easy decision. Many companies avoid it because migrations sometimes don’t offer clear advantages and carry substantial risks. The good news is that Oracle, the creator of Java, is now releasing new versions more frequently - but these versions contain smaller changes that aren’t that difficult to introduce.

Still, you don’t want to burden your in-house development team with the task of migration and block it from delivering value to the customers. That’s why it’s best to delegate the task to an external company like us. We can help you carry out a smooth migration and support you at every step of the way.

Hire Java developers

Are you looking for an experienced team of Java developers for your project? Do you need help in expanding your product with extra Java skills on board? Get in touch with us. We help companies all over the world to make the most of this incredibly powerful technology and realize their business goals efficiently.