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ISO 15118 - what is it?

05 AUGUST 2022 • 7 MIN READ

Piotr Majcher



ISO 15118

Interoperability and standardization have become a big part of the EV transformation. As the industry evolves, more and more players come to the game, bringing new developments and ideas. With that, the entire ecosystem undergoes massive changes and it may get difficult to keep track of what’s happening.

That way, interoperability is critical for eMobility. Open standards are necessary to ensure that different types of electric vehicles can interoperate with each other and with the infrastructure that supports them, which is run by multiple CPOs and EMPs.

ISO 15118

ISO 15118 is an international standard that defines the communication protocols and data structures used in electric vehicle charging. It specifies the two-way communication between Electric Vehicles (EV), including Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

The standard covers four main areas:

  • Communication protocols and data structures
  • Control of the charging process
  • Payment
  • Authentication and authorization

ISO 15118 is designed to be interoperable, meaning that EVs and EVSEs from different manufacturers should be able to communicate with each other. The standard is also designed to be scalable, so that it can be used for both residential and public charging stations.

It enables interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations, and allows for sophisticated features such as billing based on time of use or energy consumption. ISO 15118 also provides a framework for charging station operators to manage access control and load balancing.

ISO 15118 is built upon Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which means  electric vehicles can be identified and authenticated. This authentication can take place before, during or after a transaction.

The standard is built out of 8 parts, each defining a different aspect covered by ISO 15118 as a whole.

To learn more about ISO 15118, its specifications and features as well as how it works and what are the documents defining each functionality, download the paper from the box on the right side of the page.