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15 AUGUST 2019 • 6 MIN READ

Paweł Małkowiak



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Individual business owners or companies decide to outsource their IT projects or functions as part of different scenarios. For example, it can be a startup that lacks an internal IT department, an individual who needs additional expertise to transform their idea into a live product, or a company that doesn't have enough tech workforce or suddenly experiences too many projects in the pipeline.

There are several ways for finding you an IT partner - you can find such providers on the web, through referrals, meetings during conferences, etc. Regardless of how you find your IT partner, there's always going to be a process between finding a potential software outsourcing company and the start of development. From my perspective, there are a few factors that can build confidence and trust between the two parties and positively impact the entire cooperation.

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Over the last few years of helping other businesses achieve more with technology, I narrowed down the key elements that always help us to gain the client's trust and things that act as show-stoppers. I believe this list can go on infinitely, but the following 4 points are low-hanging fruits every company should expect in a tech partnership.

  • Reviews and references - every software outsourcing company should have a public profile on websites like Clutch, where reviews are verified by a third party. Moreover, a happy client is always willing to share a positive recommendation letter (note that the reference includes contact details, so it can be easily verified!). All in all, a bunch of positive reviews builds confidence that the tech company can deliver!
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  • A pushy sale is a red flag - does the contact person from your IT partner seem desperate? Consider it as a red flag. The best software outsourcing companies are always busy with exciting projects. Onboarding a new client is a goal that takes time and care to achieve. The process should be mindful and take a proper amount of time to get the requirements set up, build the team, and align all of the project details with strategic business goals.
  • Commercial workshops before the decision - even well-developed specification documents fail to provide all the product details. A short commercial workshop that lasts one or two days, carried out at the office of the client or software development outsourcing company, gives both parties an excellent foundation for initial trust. Moreover, the product vision will become clearer, and the initial project pace will be set.
  • Communication is king - this point is self-explanatory. From my perspective, 'sit's safe to say that all the good things that happen during the onboarding process will become stronger during the development phase. And all the things that aren't great will get progressively worse. As communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to delivering IT products, every missed e-mail, meeting, or misunderstanding will impact the process. Ultimately, excellent communication is the foundation for trust in business relationships.

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As Solidstudio, we can become your tech partner and a software outsourcing company that helps you achieve key business goals - starting from gathering initial requirements and workshops, through development and testing. We also support and maintain IT products as follow-up steps, so you can be sure to rely on a single IT partner throughout the entire software development lifecycle.